Gordon Murray unveils 725hp ‘Niki Lauda’ track monster

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Words: Matthew Hansen
23 Feb 2021

Last August, Gordon Murray Automotive unveiled quite possibly the most significant performance car of the year; the naturally aspirated V12 driver enjoyment focused T.50 — a car filled with technologies often touted as being obsolete, and subsequently revered by enthusiasts the world over.

Now, Murray has unveiled the go-faster version of an already incredibly rapid machine. Called the T.50s Niki Lauda — a tribute to the former Formula 1 world champion — it takes every element of the former’s recipe and turns it up from 11 to 12. More power, less weight.

The Cosworth-sourced 3.9-litre 12,100rpm V12 gets an additional 71hp, making for a total output of 725hp (540kW). This is largely thanks to the addition of a new air intake above the cockpit, which helps create power via its ram-effect. The Cossie under the skin also gets a bespoke straight-through exhaust, and completely revised cylinder heads and camshafts.

There’s a new transmission, too. The manual of the standard T.50 (yes, it’s manual only, we’re still shook by this today) has been traded for a 6-speed X-Trac paddle-shift unit.

At first glance the T.50s may look like the standard model with a new wing attached. But, every panel on its exterior is all-new. Some of this comes from the fact that they’re all now formed out of carbon fibre, but some of it stems from specific styling changes, too.

The rear for example is completely different, mostly to accommodate a larger diffuser section — designed to work in conjunction with the 400mm rear fan and the new ‘Delta Wing’. Combined with the new front splitter, and it’s claimed that the aero package is capable of generating 1500kg of downforce.

“In my view, it doesn’t get better than that and is driving in its purest form. The T.50s Niki Lauda will give a visceral connection between driver, car, and track, the likes of which has not been experienced to date,” said Murray.

“I can just imagine going round your favorite circuit, sitting in the middle with that unsilenced V12 screaming just behind you – the driving experience will be something special. With a power to weight ratio better than that of a naturally aspirated LMP1 car, it is also going to be searingly quick and, with such a low weight, will change direction like an F1 car.”

Just 25 of these are going to be produced, at a starting price of £3.1million ($5.95million) — roughly $400,000 more than the not-so ordinary T.50. Still need to be sold? Well, each T.50s Niki Lauda also comes with what GMA calls the ‘Trackspeed Package’; a personalised engineering support crew and all the tools required to run the car at track events of your choice. Neat.

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