Mini Cooper S Classic Review - Mini's a Mod

The original mini lasted 41 years in production, a statement to its enduring design and innovation. We take a look at one of the... See more >


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Classic Car Reviews

Classic Ford Escort - Under the Influence

This clean Ford Escort duo reside together under the same roof. For... See more >

Nelson car collection-HEADER

Classics WOW in Nelson

New Zealand has a few notable classic car collections, and one of... See more >

Meguiars Free Sample
NZFMR-F5000-race start

Formula 5000: Some admire art - we race it....

Formula 5000 racing has long enriched the fabric of top-level Kiwi competition... See more >

Datsun Bluebird SSS-static dps

A Return To Prominence: Nissan Bluebird SSS coupe

Japanese cars of the 1960s and 1970s have lurked in the shadows... See more >

Porsche 911 T-static dps

911T - The perfect Porsche?

One of the most enduring silhouettes in automotive history, the Porsche 911,... See more >

Croz-on bike

Croz the larrikin bike racer

Peter Macky talks with Graeme Crosby, the Larrikin Biker, on life after... See more >

Ford Falcon XW GTHO Phase III-static dps

Ford Falcon GT HO: The Aussie Legend

GT Falcons form the basis of Aussie muscle car folklore. We check... See more >

Volvo 240T-static

The Flying Brick: Volvo 240T Group A

Volvo’s most unlikely “all conquering” Group A 240T put Volvo cars well... See more >

BMW E36 Super Tourer-front action

Back to the future - touring car styleBMW E36...

This 1993 BMW E36 Super Tourer recalls an era when the ride... See more >

HSV GTS-R-static dps

Winging it: HSV GTS-R

When this HSV arrived on the scene in 1996 sporting its race... See more >

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