New Expert On the Job

Peugeot is importing its new medium-sized Expert van for sale in New Zealand, first arrivals available from early... Read more >


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Commercial News & Reviews

Peugeot Expert - The delivery Expert

Peugeot hasn’t been in the commercial market for the past year or... Read more >


eActros returns a positive test

No, it hasn’t caught Covid-19, but Benz’s electric Actros is furthering its... Read more >

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2019 Toyota Hiace ZR Review - New Standard

Toyota gave us the keys to the new Hiace ZR for a week to see how its new work van goes in the real... Read more >


Transit goes electric

Ford NZ will soon have the Transit PHEV on offer here. This... Read more >

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More tax on freight not good

Road Transport Forum (RTF) chief executive Nick Leggett says it’s the worst... Read more >

2019 Renault Trafic Trader SWB - Go-To Carry-All

Renault has updated its Trafic Trader range for 2019 and gave us... Read more >

Musk says time to bring Tesla Semi truck to...

Tesla’s Semi commercial truck is set to be brought up to “volume... Read more >

2018 Mazda BT-50 Longterm Wrap-Up - Trusted Steed

When the BT-50 was first unveiled at the 2010 Australian International Motor... Read more >

Hyzon Motors Australia launched

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle company Hyzon Motors has officially launched in Australia... Read more >

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