Hyundai Trucks extending Mighty built-to-go range


Hyundai Trucks New Zealand is extending its range of built-to-go Mighty light-duty trucks with the introduction of the EX6 flat deck/cargo model.

Words: Robert Barry   |   Photos RB
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While Mighty EX6 and EX8 cab-chassis trucks will continue to be available, Hyundai Trucks New Zealand believes there is a greater demand for new trucks which are ready to work.

“Being able to supply a work-ready truck from the factory overcomes the issue of waiting for a build slot in the local bodybuilder network which is still burdened with a back load of orders to complete,” says Hyundai New Zealand general manager Andy Sinclair.

A Mighty with a factory-supplied refrigerated box-body is next on it’s radar for evaluation.

“We are going to concentrate more and more on ready-to-work options for our truck customers,” he says.

Hyundai Trucks New Zealand already has a factory-built Mighty EX6 box-body truck with tail lift readily available in the market (click here for the review) and the company says it is also evaluating a Mighty with a three-way tipper body for local consumption.

A Mighty with a factory-supplied refrigerated box-body is next on it’s radar for evaluation.

Sinclair says the Mighty flat deck/cargo body was designed and developed to meet local requirements in terms of suitable dimensions, compliant load restraints, and functionality.

By partnering with New Zealand transport engineers, Sinclair says Hyundai has created a ready-to-work general purpose commercial vehicle that will appeal to both the traditional transport market and the non-transport market such as market gardeners, builders, drain-layers, arborists, civil construction, and landscape gardeners.

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The Mighty EX6 flat deck/cargo model offers a braked towing capacity of 3500 kg, and the length of the deck is 4490mm with a width of 2180mm.

The four removable cargo deck sides and tailgate are 350mm in height.

The overall height of the vehicle including the headboard frame is 2425mm and the overall length is 6345mm.

The Mighty EX6 flat deck/cargo truck is powered by a Euro 5 compliant 3933cc four-cylinder diesel engine offering a power figure of 102kW @ 2500 rpm and a torque figure of 392Nm @ 1400rpm. A manual five-speed transmission is the sole gearbox available for this vehicle.


“Customers have the option of specifying the EX6 flat deck/cargo truck as a 6 tonne GVM vehicle for operation on a class one passenger licence or as a 6.5 tonne GVM vehicle for operation with a class two heavy transport licence,” says Sinclair.

This means the gross combined mass (GCM) for this vehicle can be 9495kg or 10,000kg. The unladen vehicle weight is 3600kg. 

Hyundai Trucks will have a full complement of the Mighty range as well as the heavy-duty Xcient prime mover on display at the National Agricultural Fieldays at Mystery Creek from June 13 to 16.

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