Turnkey trucking - 2017 Hyundai Mighty EX6 Box Body Truck


Hyundai Trucks New Zealand are now offering turnkey vehicles with bodies and tail lifts supplied from the factory. We took a 2017 Mighty EX6 for a spin around the block to see whats on offer.

Words: Robert Barry   |   Photos RB
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The Mighty EX6 and EX8 light-duty truck range arrived at The Transport and Heavy Equipment Expo in March 2017 as a replacement for the Hyundai HD60, HD65, and HD75 models which had done sterling service for the brand since the first truck registered hit the road in 2009.

Hyundai New Zealand registered it’s 50th new truck in June 2012 and the brand has continued to grow since then, despite the odd supply hiccup.

Like some of its Japanese and European competitors in the new light-duty truck segment, the New Zealand-owned distribution company for Hyundai Trucks has realised there is a growing market demand for work-ready trucks that are supplied with factory built bodies, such as tail-lift equipped box bodies, three-way tippers, and refrigerated units.

More importantly - buyers can also choose to register the Mighty EX6 at a GVM of 5995kg rather than 6500kg, so that it can be driven by people with a class one (passenger vehicle) driver’s licence rather than a class two heavy transport licence.

This presents a greater market opportunity for Hyundai Trucks New Zealand to market the EX6 to operators of small medium enterprises and daily hire companies, particularly those who need a greater load carrying capacity than a Ute but don’t want the hassle of a class two rated truck.

Our test vehicle was a Mighty EX6 standard cab short wheelbase truck (2850mm) which came directly from the South Korean factory fitted with a box body and an electro-hydraulic tail lift.

Hyundai is banking on the more Euro-centric styling of the Mighty to appeal to new truck buyers

The EX6 with standard cab is also available in a medium wheelbase option (3400mm) or a long wheelbase option (3850mm), or in a larger super cab configuration in a medium wheelbase option (3600mm) or a large wheelbase option (3950mm).

When Hyundai New Zealand launched the Mighty range in 2017 the company believed the option of having additional secure storage in the super cab would become the most popular choice for Kiwi buyers.

One of the first features of the Mighty EX6 which we immediately noticed when climbing up into the cab, is the coil suspended driver’s seat which provides a high level of comfort while at the wheel.

Hyundai has focussed on making the Mighty a comfortable yet easy-to-drive workhorse with a newly designed dashboard that provides the driver with everything needed at their fingertips, as well as a tilt and telescopically adjusting steering wheel, and improved pedal positioning.

The Mighty EX6 has cruise control, powered mirrors and windows, and automatic dusk sensing headlights, as well as central locking and keyless entry but not start.

There is more than ample cabin storage thanks to a console in the centre of the dash as well as the roof ceiling, and the back of the seat. In addition the Mighty also has a glove box that will fit more than just a pair of gloves, as well as deep pockets in the doors.

Hyundai has not overlooked passenger comfort either, with all variants having a multi-adjustable seat similar to the driver’s seat.

The manual air-conditioning system worked well during the hot sunny day of our photo shoot, and the EX6 audio system has Bluetooth connectivity, as well as MP3 and IPOD compatibility, with remote controls on the steering wheel.

There are no less than four 12-volt power outlets allowing the charging of cell phones and laptops while on the move.

Radar Direct Radenso

Hyundai is banking on the more European styling of the Mighty to appeal to new truck buyers.

Matching the design cues of it’s much bigger brother the Xcient HD, the 2017 Mighty cab design features vertical headlights with daytime running lights incorporated in the front bumper.

Hyundai says the cabs of the Mighty truck range are constructed of galvanised, high-strength steel for maximum driver and passenger side impact protection and there is better access to and from it thanks to doors which open up to 80 degrees and the wider, deeper side steps.

The sleekly designed A-pillars and large side windows provide good all around visibility and coupled with the generous side mirrors, driver’s shouldn’t have an issue with blind spots.

Active and passive safety features in the Mighty EX6 include vehicle dynamic control for improved stability and a shock absorbing steering wheel designed to reduce driver fatigue by minimising vibrations.

Four-wheel disc brakes and hill start assist are standard features and a safety-focussed pad wear indicator in the dash which illuminates when servicing is required.

The Mighty EX6 offers a Hyundai D4 Euro 5 common-rail 3.9-litre direct injection turbo diesel engine producing 125 kW (167 horsepower) and 608 Nm of torque driving the rear wheels through a five-speed manual transmission.

The D4 has more than enough performance on tap to propel the Mighty EX6 along the motorway at a steady 90km/h and the transmission has a nice slick feel through the gates, there’s also an exhaust brake to assist when additional compression stopping power is needed when the vehicle is laden to maximum capacity.

The power assisted steering also has a nice and positive feel, whether at speed or when maneuvering the EX6 through tight urban streets. Ride quality like all other light duty trucks in this category, improves when laden, but feels a bit firm and bouncy when not.

Overall, as a turnkey option the new Mighty EX6 with the factory-built box body and tail lift is well thought out and is beautifully built and engineered as you would expect from a Hyundai.

The Stats

Image of badge

Model Hyundai Mighty EX6

Price   Engine 3933cc, 4-Cylinder, 102kW/392Nm

Transmission 5-speed manual

Service 3 year / 150,000km warranty

Vitals 5995kg GVM, TBCkg payload,

TBCkg towing capacity, 3950kg kerb weight

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