VIA clarifies ESC rules for used imported vans and minibuses

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Words: Robert Barry   |   Photos Google
18 Feb 2018

The imported motor vehicle industry body for New Zealand, VIA, is issuing a reminder to shippers, wholesalers and dealers that van-type vehicles equipped with seats (e.g. Toyota Hiace), known as MB Class vehicles do not require electronic stability control (ESC) to be fitted to used units landed here until March 1, 2020.

The definition of an MB Class (forward control passenger vehicle) is one (other than a Class MC vehicle) that has not more than nine seating positions (including the driver) and in which the centre of the steering wheel is in the forward quarter of the vehicles total length.

A van-type vehicle with 10-12 seats falls into the MD Class, which is not required to have ESC.

The MD Class is defined as an omnibus that has a gross vehicle mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes and not more than 12 seating positions.

Due to their design, van-type vehicles such as the Toyota Hiace can only be classified as a Class NA or MB, and therefore never classed as MA (passenger vehicles) according to VIA technical manager Malcolm Yorston.

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