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Seamless hourly van hire from Ford and Hertz UK mobile app

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Words: Robert Barry   |   Photos Ford Motor Company UK
8 Dec 2017

British DIY fans no longer have to have to struggle with getting their bulky Bunnings purchases to fit into the car, thanks to a new mobile app partnership between Ford and Hertz UK.

Ford is now offering Hertz 24/7 hourly van hire through its mobility platform called FordPass.

FordPass users can now enrol in Hertz 24/7 and enjoy quick access to affordable van hire at the point of purchase, rather than wrangling items awkwardly into the back of their car.

The Hertz 24/7 vans are located at superstores across the UK including Bunnings, Costco, B&Q and IKEA.

“Arranging Hertz 24/7 van hire by the hour through the FordPass app gives our customers an alternative to traditional delivery services, saving them time and money,” says Ford Motor Company’s advanced consumer experience marketer Joerg Ullrich.

“Our Hertz 24/7 hourly van rental service is a hassle-free, self-delivery option for all our members shopping at the superstores we partner with,” says Hertz Europe car sharing operations senior director Fabrice Genty.

“We are confident that FordPass customers will enjoy the access to Hertz 24/7’s enrolment process and the service’s convenience,” says Genty

Prices start at just thirteen UK pounds per hour.

The FordPass app also features a live traffic function delivering real-time service updates to help avoid congestion, as well as in-app service booking, Ford credit account management, FordGuides to help with any questions and it will also find locations and the cost of parking in the UK with app partner NCP.

In 2018 the company will introduce the new FordPass Connect with embedded modem technology, which will add additional features such as remote lock or unlock, vehicle location, and automatic vehicle health alerts.


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