Removing trucks from Auckland CBD ‘ridiculous’ says RTF

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Tuesday 14 May 2019

Excluding heavy trucks from Auckland city between 9am and 5pm would have a negative impact on all New Zealanders, according to Road Transport Forum chief executive, Nick Leggett.

“This proposal announced today by Mayoral candidate John Tamihere has consequences that have not been thought through and the policy is, frankly, lacking in strategy and planning and is ridiculous,” Leggett says.

“Mr Tamihere says the operations of the Ports of Auckland should move, but he has no idea where to. Any move is years away. In the interim, there seems to be this bizarre proposal to exclude heavy trucks from Auckland central business district (CBD) – where Ports of Auckland operates – between 9am and 5pm. But again, he’s not sure what that truck exclusion will include.

“Why would you increase the costs of transporting goods in and out of New Zealand’s major city? This proposal would definitely add costs to all the goods in people’s lives that are transported by trucks – which is pretty much everything.

“Extra costs would impact on the ability for New Zealand’s export goods to be competitive in a tight global market. Let’s not forget, exports are the lifeblood of the New Zealand economy.

“Mr Tamihere also suggests if he can’t have trucks banned, he will impose a congestion tax on them. If there is a congestion tax, which may be a good idea, it should be on all road users as tax should be fair and equitable.”

Legget added that while there is frustration at Auckland’s traffic, efforts should be focused on the public transport system.

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