NZTA warns certain heavy vehicle operators to check towing connections

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Words: Nile Bijoux
21 Dec 2018

The NZ Transport Agency has issued another safety alert, strongly advising heavy vehicle operators to be vigilant in cleaning and checking towing connections and components certified by Patrick Chu (Transport & Structure Ltd).

There has been substandard work identified in certain heavy vehicle specialist certifications issued by Chu, an Auckland-based heavy vehicle specialist certifier. Included are both towing connection and chassis certifications. Eight certifications have been revoked.

The Transport Agency advises operators who have a vehicle certified by Chu to be extra vigilant about safety. They suggest inspecting the towing connections and components, and ensuring they are re-checked if any issues are identified.

The Transport Agency is currently analysing certain files relating to certifications issued by Chu and will immediately update vehicle owners if any risk to their vehicle is identified. The numbers of potentially impacted vehicles are yet to be confirmed. At this time certifications issued by Chu that have not been revoked by the Transport Agency remain valid.

Chu is one of several heavy vehicle specialist certifiers that the Transport Agency has had safety concerns with this year. The others are Nelson’s Peter Wastney, Lower Hutt’s Dick Joyce and Timaru’s Adam McFarlane. All were suspended. McFarlane’s appointment has since been partially reinstated.



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