NZTA revokes Whangarei company’s Transport Service Licence

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Wednesday 20 March 2019

The NZ Transport Agency has moved to revoke Stan Semenoff Logging’s Transport Service Licence (TSL) due to a continuing failure to address safety concerns about the Whangarei-based company.

The concerns relate to driver fatigue and behaviour, and include breaches of work time and rest time rules, logbook issues and the accumulation of 116 speed- and traffic-related offences over a four-year period.

Steve Haszard said the Transport Agency has been strongly encouraging the company to lift its safety standards since 2016.

“The Transport Agency has given Stan Semenoff Logging every opportunity to provide evidence of improvement, but over the course of two audits and three years we have seen that this company is either unwilling or unable to comply with the necessary transport operator safety standards.”

“The revocation is a safety decision, plain and simple. It’s not just about the safety of Mr Semenoff’s drivers, it’s about the safety of all Northland’s other road users,’ Mr Haszard said.

In August 2018, the Transport Agency served a notice of proposal to Mr Semenoff in a final effort to get him to provide evidence he was now complying with the required safety standards.

“We were given many assurances from his company that standards would be lifted, but in the end, they weren’t,” Mr Haszard explained.

The revocation will take effect on Friday 22 March. Stan Semenoff Logging has the right to appeal the decision in the District Court.


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