New Zealand’s first heavy electric truck hits the road

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Thursday 28 November 2019

Alsco New Zealand is the first company to launch an “inter-city heavy EV” truck, a Hino GH 1828.

The truck makes 259kW (372kW maximum) and as much as 3500Nm of torque. It has a claimed battery range of 200km, meaning it won’t be able to chew kays as much as an ICE power truck but it will avoid burning “at least” 25,000 litres of diesel and creating 67,610kg of CO2 per year. Alsco says the truck will do the Rotorua/Taupo return run during the morning, then recharge for the Rotorua/Tauranga return trip inside a normal eight-hour work shift.

According to the release, the capital cost of the EV truck will be recovered in just 0.4 years thanks to the difference in cost of electricity versus diesel, and the difference in maintenance charges. Moreover, the EV attracts no Road User Charges.

Factoring in the RUC, operational savings would be recuperated in under eight years.

"We trust the transport industry and wider business will be most interested in the financial viability of our heavy EV freighter and coupled with significant emission reductions it's a powerful story," said Alsco NZ group general manager Mark Roberts.

"By adapting the build, and our operational model slightly, we are looking to demonstrate that the new EV technology is viable for business, and implementation is possible right now.


"That is potentially a game-changer."

Alsco NZ wants to eventually replace all 15 of its diesel heavy freight vehicles with EVs. These 15 are responsible for one-third of Alsco’s fuel usage, despite the company running a total of 350 vehicles.

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