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Iconic London black cab now world’s most advanced electric taxi

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Words: Robert Barry   |   Photos Newspress UK
6 Dec 2017

The iconic London black cab has been reborn for a new era as the all-new LEVC (London EV Company) electric Taxi has received it’s full certification to carry fare-paying passengers from December 5.

LEVC says passengers will be able to ride through London streets in comfort with technology at their fingertips, knowing that they are sitting in the world’s cleanest, most advanced taxi yet.

The new TX offers class leading wheelchair accessibility, air conditioning, phone charging and a much more spacious cabin with six seats.

Features abound including wide opening rear hinged doors, power sockets for laptops, on-board wifi, contactless card machines and a panoramic roof.

Having been put through the most rigorous testing regime in the company’s history, including extreme conditions in the Arctic Circle and Arizona, plus thousands of miles in the hands of real London cab drivers, the new TX is ready to go to work – ahead of Transport for London’s January 2018 deadline when all newly licensed taxis need to be zero emission capable.

All LEVC products use its eCity technology comprising of an advanced battery electric powertrain with a small backup petrol generator.

Applied to the all-new electric TX, the technology allows for a range of up to 400 miles including 80 miles pure electric range.

Unlike the previous taxi, the vehicle’s multi-filter system works to remove gases and particles from the incoming air.

An in-built air quality sensor also automatically closes the external air intake if it detects increased levels of pollution in the outside air – protecting passengers, and the driver, from the capital’s often poor-quality air.

The new TX offers active and passive safety systems help to protect both the vehicle and other road users too.

These include forward collision warnings, autonomous emergency braking and emergency brake assistance, while the TX combines a strong, rigid aluminium bodyshell with crash protection to the highest international standards, reinforcing the black cab trade’s reputation for safety.

LEVC has received thousands expressions of interest in London for the new electric TX since order books opened on August 1, 2017 and the first electric TX models will arrive in the hands of drivers this month.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Geely, LEVC says it’s ambition is to be the urban commercial vehicle provider of choice for cities across the globe. Its commercial vehicle strategy will see the new TX launched first followed by an electric LCV.


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