Hyundai bolsters eco line-up with hydrogen fuel cell truck

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Words: Matthew Hansen
19 Oct 2020

Hyundai is fast emerging as one of the motoring world’s heaviest investors when it comes to next-generation tech. Whether it’s the focus on EVs, on hydrogen, or other solutions like the firm’s hydrogen fuel-cell truck called the Xcient.

Launched earlier this month in Europe, the Xcient utilses a 190kW hydrogen fuel cell system with dual 95kW fuel cell stacks. These are combined with seven large hydrogen tanks capable of storing approximately 32kg of hydrogen at 350 bar.

All of this gives the Xcient a driving range of around 400km and a refill time of between eight and 20 minutes, with a vastly reduced CO2 emissions figure relative to an alternative internal combustion equivalent. Hyundai also claims that the powertrain alternative won’t hinder load-lugging abilities either, with Hyundai claiming the Xcient is capable of similar payload capabilities as an equivalent diesel.

Hyundai has delivered its first seven Xcient trucks to Switzerland with another 50 to come before the end of the year. It’s a roll-out that’s set to expand exponentially across Europe, North America, and China. And Hyundai New Zealand has confirmed that the truck is bound for local shores, too.

“Hyundai has a long history in heavy trucks and here at Hyundai New Zealand we're proud to be bringing the Xcient to Kiwi roads and highways,” says Hyundai New Zealand.

“The Xcient combines Hyundai’s acclaimed world-class diesel engine technology with proven European transmission in a truck built for performance. It's also fitted with the latest safety and traction technology.”

“This is an exciting milestone for Hyundai globally with the launch of the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell heavy-duty truck, but equally for us and New Zealand as it presents a practical and sustainable option for many industries that utilise trucks,” says Hyundai New Zealand general manager Andy Sinclair.

“We look forward to bringing the Xcient Fuel Cell into New Zealand in the future.”



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