Huge numbers of heavy vehicle certificates revoked in 2019

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Monday 11 November 2019

NZTA has been hard at work this year revoking truck and heavy vehicle certifications, with around 3000 being pulled largely as a result of poor work by two certifying engineers.

Peter Wastney and Patrick Chu, from Nelson and Auckland, were the culprits, leading to NZTA revoking certificates given by the two. For comparison, just five certifications were revoked two years ago.

NZTA’s investigation has taken two years so far and is due to finish up soon. It expects numbers to “dramatically” drop as more rigorous monitoring begins.

In other news, 67 heavy vehicle owners had low safety risks identified in towing connections this year. Ten light vehicle owners had risks around repairs, with around five of these certifications removed. Meanwhile, some sixteen thousand owners were contacted over airbag risks.



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