Ford F-series produce a nine month sales record

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Words: Robert Barry
6 Dec 2018

The Ford F-series pick up truck has now gained a record of nine consecutive months of sales exceeding 70,000 units in the North American market, with more than 72,102 sold in November alone.

Ford US marketing sales and service vice president Mark LaNeve says its a consistent performance by a high volume, high margin product which is unmatched in the industry.

According to Ford, high level F-series pick up trucks remain in strong demand, and the F-series also continues to transact at record level prices of US$47,000 per vehicle, more than US$1800 higher than the segment average.

Commercial vehicle sales were up 11.8 per cent for Ford in November. Sales of the Transit are up ten per cent in November with 126,446 vans sold in North America.

But Ford suffered an overall sales decline of 6.9 per cent in November to 196,303 vehicles. Ford fleet sales were down 7.1 per cent and daily rental sales dropped 32.7 per cent.


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