Holden - Improving the Service


Colorado is a much improved ute since Holden gave it a good working over last year, and it’s now even better value with free servicing.

Words: Kyle Cassidy   |   Photos Tom Gasnier
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The new Certified Service programme means Holden takes care of that niggly maintenance issue for the first three years or 100,000km, and this plan covers the Colorado too. It’s unusual for commercials to be included in a service programme and after driving the top Z71 model again we were curious to find out more about this.

Holden NZ says it’ll save the ‘average’ Colorado owner almost $2000 year, who do about 68,000km in the first three years. The service intervals on Colorado are 15,000km or 12 months, so if you’re a high mileage type those savings will be even greater.

Those who tow, venture off road or operate near the max GVM more often than not, will likely have to pay more.

What if you use your ute for more than just running around town? Those who tow, venture off road or operate near the max GVM more often than not, will likely have to pay more. Holden says the scheduled servicing deal covers ‘normal use’. Any ‘abnormal use’ is subject to dealer consultation and ‘the customer and dealer usually know and agree on this’.

Holden says a rough guide to abnormal use is ‘effectively towing, off-road use or idling for more than 30 per cent of engine-on use.’ And even more so if there’s added hill work or you’re operating in hot and dusty environments. They say these types would be advised to do interim work on filters and fluids and these are not included in the programme, as they are not scheduled. So it’s best to clarify this with the dealer before purchase.

The servicing covers all scheduled items, those being powertrain and any other components in need of adjustment, but not the usual consumables or ‘friction depletion surfaces’ like brake pads, etc. Some competitors list their service fees to add transparency to the cost of ownership. The Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 for instance has a service estimate of $1800 if you’re an average user, that’s for 45,000km or three years.

With 15,000km service intervals, an owner travelling 75,000km in the first three years will spend $2890 in servicing costs. Mazda’s scheduled servicing doesn’t include the BT-50, but it has a capped cost of $200 per service. VW too has transparent service fees for Amarok, but also offers a service plan at the time of purchase, that being $1200 for 80,000km or three years. So a Colorado owner will face none of these costs.


Given ute RRPs and transactional pricing vary markedly, does the service package limit a Holden dealer’s ability to do the deal on pricing? Not according to Holden which says; “the service package is outside of any prevailing local deals that can be done – there is no reason why it should affect the competitive deals available today, anywhere across NZ.”

It says that ‘significant efficiencies and changes have been made over the recent year to be able to afford to offer this on every vehicle and is recognition of our intent to prioritise real life ownership value into the future, to drive customer sales demand and dealership loyalty’.

So it’s game on in the ute market, not that it needed any more impetus as sales continue to steam along but it will be interesting to see if Colorado can make gains on the second-placed Hilux in the market.

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