Upcoming CBR1000RR to get mirror winglets?

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Words: Nile Bijoux
14 May 2019

A new patent application shows winglets mounted on the mirrors of Honda’s superbike.

With the likes of Aprilia and Ducati both equipping their flagship sportsbikes with aerodynamic winglets, they are quickly becoming the new must-have item. Honda, never one to be left behind, looks to be updating its CBR1000RR Fireblade with this aerodynamic technology, although the placement is unique.

Ducati and Aprilia both mount winglets on the fairings to help press the front wheel into the ground and aid high-speed stability. Honda, on the other hand, is experimenting with mounting winglets on the mirrors.

We’re not sure how effective this method of generating downforce will be, as mirror stems aren’t typically that sturdy. Ducati claims the V4 R’s winglets can generate 30kg of downforce at 270km/h. However, such speed is only reached at the end of a long straight at a racetrack.

Just because Honda filed a patent doesn’t mean it will actually put the winglets into production. The company might still be working on body-style winglets or simply protecting its intellectual property.

In other Fireblade news, rumours are swirling of a new model for 2020. The current generation is a great road bike but isn’t finding the success on the World Superbike arena. Additionally, 2020 is when Euro5 regulations kick in, so Honda will have to make some changes to the superbike in order to keep it alive. The rumour mill suggests a variable valve timing system could be included, along with some form of downforce-generating bodywork.

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