This scooter has more torque than a Ranger Raptor

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Words: Nile Bijoux
2 Nov 2018

No, really. UK-based scooter manufacturer, Zapp, has unveiled a 14kW electric scooter that boasts 587Nm of torque. Or, if you want to think of it this way, nearly six times the twisting force of a Fireblade superbike.

The futuristically-styled i300 is powered by lightweight lithium-ion batteries and an air-cooled permanent magnet electric motor. That motor may only offer 14kW but the huge torque and a mass of just 90kg means it can hit 50km/h in less than 2.4 seconds and 72km/h in 4.1s. Don’t forget that most other electric scooters are pushing just two or three kilowatts.

Zapp uses two 48v batteries rated at 1.25kWh each (2.5kWh total) for power needs. They’re removable, letting you park up and get your daily workout by lugging the 5kg units to the nearest power point. Pretty good security feature, too.

The big penalty from the high-speed, low-weight ethos is range. Zapp says about 60km can be achieved per charge, which isn’t much. Especially if you exploit all of those newts every time you take off. Not such an issue if you live and work in the city, the removable batteries making the recharge easy. There’s also regenerative braking.

Those in the UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany can pre-order the i300 for a starting price of €6300 ($NZ10,779), around the same price as the Vespa Elettrica which, sadly, won’t make it here.

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