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Words: NZ Autocar
11 May 2021

Time to fess up because I believe I may have overlooked the introduction of the Super Soco brand to New Zealand. Apologies, shouldn’t have, but in my defence initial product offering looked to be modest, an electric scooter that wouldn’t crack 50km/h. Turns out, that was just the opening gambit.

But beginning at the beginning, with the entry model TS. I should have taken more note of the price which was certainly not to be sniffed at. And there was and is something rather alluring about the styling. Moreover, here’s a modern moped that doesn’t belch smoke or scream its head off trying to keep up with the four-wheeled commuters.

The Super Soco TS1200R, to give it its full hybridised Suzuki/BMW-esque title, with its KTM-esque LED headlight, has a hub-mounted 2400w Bosch motor producing 120Nm that’s linked to a central battery system offering up to 75km of range. Top speed is limited to under 50km/h. Don’t expect performance miracles; it says to avoid inclines of greater than 15 degrees. There’s only so much three horsepower can overcome!

The centrally mounted battery pack is removable for ease of charging, and there’s a slot for another that can be used simultaneously to increase range to around 160km. A recharge takes up to 6 hours and can be done with the battery in or out of the bike. Features include an LCD instrument panel, ABS brakes with regenerative function, 78kg kerb weight and a retail price of $3990. Not a misprint. Most halfway decent e-bikes cost more.

Up the ante slightly to the retro-style TC Cafe model and you get a 3000w 150Nm hub motor, still with the speed limited to 50km/h, but a similar range and recharge time to the TS. The motor boost adds $1000 to the bottom line ($4990) and a recharge will cost 50 cents instead of 45c with the TS.

And so to the latest model, the TC Max which takes things a step further, being a registrable electric moped with a top speed of 95km/h, thanks to a 3900w (5000w peak) 180Nm centrally mounted motor linked to the rear wheel via a toothed belt. It has a 3240wh lithium-ion battery offering range of 110km at 45km/h, and a recharge time of eight to nine hours.

There are three ride modes, one to conserve battery range, the other a middle performance-optimised mode and the final one a performance no-holds-barred setting.

Features include an auto-dipping LED headlight, and a two-year/10,000km warranty. There are two models, one with spoked wheels costing $8290, and the other with cast wheels at $7990. Three new colours are also available, as seen in the images, neon orange, cosmic grey and electric yellow. The original phantom black is also an option.

Order one with the new colours now and you’ll receive a free upgrade to a 10A fast charger worth $699 but it’s only available with the first shipment so be in quick if you’ve half a mind to reduce your commuting carbon footprint.

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