Himalayan climbs to Euro 5 status

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Words: NZ Autocar
16 Feb 2021

Royal Enfield has launched an updated 2021 Himalayan adventure bike, with improvement to comfort the main aim.

However, there are other improvements, the most notable of which is the addition of the RE Tripper, a simple-to-use, turn-by-turn navigation device, first seen on the recently introduced Meteor 350. It runs on Google maps, and you enter trip details using the Royal Enfield smartphone app. The information shows up on a dial which is part of the rejigged main instrument cluster.

There are also upgrades to seat comfort, with improved foam cushioning, while the new screen up front is supposedly better at channelling the wind. The front rack is now slimmer and the myriad changes are said to make the single-cylinder adventure bike more capable and comfortable. At the back, the carrier rides slightly lower, and there’s an additional plate that permits more secure luggage fastening.

The mild mannered 411cc single-pot engine delivers 24hp and 32Nm, as before, but is now Euro 5 compliant, and ABS is switchable, so you can lock the rear wheel and back it into corners when riding offroad. There’s no word on a brake upgrade for the front end, so we guess that awaits a future update. So too the ordinary standard rubber. Overall weight Royal Enfield lists at 199kg, there’s a 15L fuel tank, and seat height is set at 800mm.

It’s available in three new terrain-inspired colours (black, silver and green), along with existing red, blue and grey hues. Single and dual colour tones are available, the latter at a slightly higher price.

Locally, the importers have said "there is no expected date on this model into our region as yet".  

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