On-bike footage shows severity of the Australian bushfires

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Words: Nile Bijoux
26 Nov 2019

Aussie-Kiwi banter aside, we’re feeling pretty lucky not to be over in Australia right now. The bushfires raging across the ditch are a frightening reminder of what years of drought can do. It has been made all the more real by footage uploaded to Facebook of a man fleeing his family home.

The footage was captured by Ben Hannan, who rode his Honda Africa Twin away from his family farm in Caperra, New South Wales as it was engulfed in flames. His mother drove in front of him with three of their four cats. Hannan told Storyful that the car, bike and cats were “all we saved.”

“I’d moved home six years ago after dad died so mum didn’t have to leave our home. Two days after all 130 acres, two homes and 90 percent of our animals burned was the anniversary of his death. It’s not home anymore. We’ve nothing to go back to but ash.”

The footage ends with Hannan making a dry comment on the situation: “What did you do on your day off? I dunno, watched the whole f***ing world burn.”

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