No electric motorcycles any time soon from Germany

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Words: Peter Louisson
6 Jan 2020

BMW Motorrad has been teasing us with electric concepts over the past few years (Vision DC Roadster) and patents for new charging technology. Now CEO, Markus Schramm, suggests that a production model without a tailpipe is at least five years away.

He believes that is how long it will take for the buying public to get their heads around a zero emissions power source and be ready to forgo ICE power. Speaking with Cycle World, he said “We see this as a power portfolio of the future… in the urban environment. He added “In the touring, off-road, and sport segments, I am not sure that we will see them.”

At least BMW Motorrad is suggesting it has some kind of electric plan for the future.

Most others are tight-lipped, with Harley-Davidson the only major bike maker on the offensive in this regard, launching its expensive and range-limited LiveWire last year.

One possible reason for BMW’s reluctance is that its core GS models aren’t easily adapted for electric technology and it doesn’t have much on offer in the way of compact commuter machines machines that stand to benefit most from going zero emissions. Besides, the company already makes the C evolution electric scooter.

While BMW isn’t ruling out an electric future, it is simply stating that things aren’t set to change markedly in the short to medium term.

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