Harley-Davidson LiveWire One gives EV two-wheeler a big price cut

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Words: NZ Autocar
9 Jul 2021

Recently Harley-Davidson decided to spin off the LiveWire electric motorcycle brand as a new standalone company dedicated to design and engineering of future electric two-wheelers. And kicking things off is...a repainted LiveWire, now known as the LiveWire One.

It is essentially the same as the original, same specs and everything but with a much reduced sticker price. Which is just as well really because the original has sold here in small numbers; about as many Kiwis bought one as you’ve fingers on one hand. At $54k it was a hard sell. However, the owners may have a future classic on their hands, being the only electric machine Harley ever made.

The LiveWire One, which differs primarily in its colour scheme (you’ve the option of black or white), should be much less expensive, given it no longer has the H-D logo on the tank. In the US, they’ve decreased the price by almost $8000 which brings it much more in line with competition from Zero Motorcycles.

In the States, the LiveWire One will sell for $21,999, so with freight and taxes you’d be looking more like early forties here, but that would make it about where it should be for a high-end electric street bike. In some overseas markets like the UK where there are rebates on electric motorcycles, it’s thought that the LiveWire One might be roughly half as expensive as the original.

Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson, said LiveWire aims to be a leader in the electric motorcycle sector, now that it is a dedicated EV brand.

Expect the LiveWire One to dot down here in the first part of 2022, priced about where it should have been in the first place. That would still make it the lone contender in the category of serious electric street bikes here.

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