Jaguar working on a motorbike?

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Words: Nile Bijoux
28 May 2019

If a new patent is on the money, it looks like JLR could be expanding into the two-wheeled sector.

The electric “hyperbike” shown in the drawings is actually the Vector from ARC Vehicles, first shown off last November, however, the patents appear to be assigned to Jaguar Land Rover rather than ARC. But given its founder and CEO, Mark Truman, used to run JLR Special Operations, and JLR’s InMotion Ventures is a leading investor in ARC, it makes some sense.

The bike is impressive with a battery housing comprising monocoque ‘shelving matrix’ that supports individual battery cells and can be sealed by a removable plate to protect the battery parts. Apparently, the cover can include busbars to connect cells or modules, allow a charging port, and they aid in cooling. Further, supercapacitors could be deployed to improve storage efficiency and power output.

There are also patents that imbue items of clothing with haptic feedback capabilities to give the motorbike some forms of semi-active riding assists, like lane departure or blind spot warnings.

The garments could also hold sensors that determine rider position and help modulate regenerative braking systems to enhance comfort when coming to a stop. This communication between the rider’s position and the bike itself could open up a number of new possibilities, like more precise traction control based on where the rider is on the bike or in-suit airbag deployment.

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