Honda to make electric bikes by 2024

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Words: NZ Autocar
5 May 2021

Honda is investing heavily (around $NZ65b) in electric R&D for future motorcycles and cars. It promises a trio of exhaust-free two-wheelers that should be available within three years. The company will start off small but a “fun” (read: sports) sector offering is also promised.

The company is committing to full electric power by 2040, two- and four-wheeled product, with almost half of its line-up electrified within nine years, and most by 2035. Honda intends to be completely carbon neutral by 2050.

It is currently working on the development of solid-state lithium-ion battery technology, and this, along with its e:Architecture underpinnings, should be coming to market in the second half of this decade, according to President and Representative Director Toshihiro Mibe.

As to leaning machines, the first three two-wheeled electric motorbikes are likely to be scooters, in the 50 and 125cc class, while its inaugural electric motorcycle will also be in the latter class. A sports-style bike will likely follow.

Honda currently produces some commercial electric bikes but these are aimed more for business use, and two of them are trikes. They all employ Honda’s swappable battery technology which is set to be implemented by all the major bike makers in Japan. Honda, Yamaha, Piaggio and KTM are also set to use the same technology in another battery consortium for product sold outside of Japan.On other things Honda, the company is also committed to accident reduction with all its mobility products. It will implement advanced driver assistance systems (autonomous tech) in all new cars by 2030 and is working towards ‘level 3’ autonomous vehicles now. These can pilot themselves in most situations, with a driver overseeing progress. Such technology already exists in Honda’s Legend luxury car being sold in Japan and the company claims it is the first to be doing so.

The ultimate aim is for zero traffic fatalities involving Honda vehicles, bikes and cars, globally by 2050. With advanced driver assistance systems featuring on all Honda cars made from 2030 and development underway to to implement such technology in motorcycles, Honda’s lofty aim might be almost achievable.

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