Harley-Davidson registers ‘Bareknuckle’ name

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Words: Nile Bijoux
12 Jul 2019

Harley-Davidson has trademarked the ‘Bareknuckle’ moniker, with rumours linking it to the upcoming streetfighter range.

Of course, these aren’t confirmed, and Harley could just be claiming the name because it liked the sound, not because it intends to use it as yet. However, the machismo of the bar-and-shield brand combined with the aggressive nature of streetfighters means the rumours likely have some basis to them.

We quite like the name; plenty of Fight Club imagery here. Some online have criticised it for being too old-school but we reckon that’s part of Harley’s charm. A risky charm, since old-school largely translates into older buyers, but a charm nonetheless. Plus, it makes the forthcoming streetfighter sound like it has a bit of power going, which it will need if it wants to take on the likes of Ducati and KTM in their European stomping grounds.


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