First smartphones and now smart helmets?

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Words: NZ Autocar
15 Sep 2020

Helmets are going all high tech, with a new example warning of dangers ahead for motorcycle riders.

The smart helmet is from Australian company Forcite and it “can tell you where speed traps and potential police are”. By which we guess they mean where police might potentially be. But it’s all about keeping abreast of potential road dangers as well.

The carbon fibre helmet, called Forcite Mk 1, is chocka full of technology, like camera, radar, noise cancelling speakers, dual microphones, on-board computer, and yet weighs only 1550gm, as much as a conventional helmet. It even includes a lithium-ion battery that runs the whole shebang, offering 4-5 hours of continuous camera action.

Audio runs to nav instructions, phone calls and music. A light bar at the lower edge of the helmet flashes orange for danger ahead, red and blue for police in the area, etc. A handlebar control allows you to change settings within the helmet, and even delete camera footage, should you need to. There’s also a rider app, AI pushing data on what’s ahead to your phone.

On top of all that there are various tinted visors available - though with an internal sunvisor, why bother? - along with a removable and washable liner.

The downside? It ain’t cheap with all that onboard tech, the Founders Edition costing $1599. Still, you can pay that for a carbon helmet alone. And the first run of helmets has already sold out.

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