Multistrada V4 debuts Ducati adaptive cruise

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Words: NZ Autocar
9 Nov 2020

Ducati has released the skinny on its fourth-generation Multistrada, the V4 and V4 S.

The latest adventure bike from Bologna features the V4 1158cc Granturismo engine, and MS now offers integrated satellite navigation. Moreover, it is claimed to be the first motorcycle equipped with front and rear radar, facilitating the adoption of adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection.

The Multistrada name means many roads, at home on asphalt or dirt surfaces. In 2003 it first launched as a road bike, but the second iteration in 2010 was marketed as “four bikes in one”. Three years later it remained quad purpose, and adopted variable valve timing. During 17 years of production over 110,000 have been produced.

Now the new model sports a V4 with added performance but Ducati says it is even easier to ride. The company claims it is stronger yet lighter (dry weight is a claimed 215km) and more versatile and comfortable, describing it as “the best Multi ever”.

The Multistrada V4 is good for 170hp (127kW), but is said to be compact and agile enough for effective riding on mixed terrain.The main maintenance interval, for valve clearance, is now set at 60,000km, while oil changes are needed every 15,000km, enhancing its touring capabilities.

New to the motorcycling world is a front and rear radar system, while there’s also sat nav integrated into the instruments, and cornering lights. Electronic suspension assists with its off-road chops, while ease of riding at slow speeds, smartphone connectivity and enhanced ride comfort make it urban friendly as well.

At its heart is the new compact 67kg V4 which is said to have a smooth bottom end, vibrant midrange and exciting top end rush. Peak power of the 1158cc V4 arrives at 10,500rpm while maximum twist of 125Nm chimes in at 8750 rpm. The rear bank of cylinders is deactivated when at idle, keeping heat production and fuel use in check.

At the heart of its safety package is an inertial measurement unit (IMU) controlling ABS Cornering, wheelie mitigation, cornering TC and, on the S model, cornering lights. The S variant also comes with vehicle hold control for easier restarting on hills, and an auto-leveling suspension function. Suspension travel is a claimed 170mm up front and 180mm at the rear, with ground clearance of 220mm.

Other features include an aluminium monocoque frame, 19-inch front wheel, and a double-sided swingarm capable of accommodating spoked wheels.

Extensive wind tunnel testing was undertaken to ensure comfort for both rider and passenger while engine heat is diverted away from the rider's legs. A new Plexiglas screen was the result, featuring two side deflectors, and it is height adjustable with an easy to operate release mechanism.

The standard V4 comes in red while the V4 S is also available in grey. The latter can be had with alloy or spoked wheels. Various packages are available, one of which includes Radar. The Multistrada V4 S Sport gains an Akrapovic exhaust and carbon front fender.

The new Multi V4 will go on sale in Europe from next month.

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