Braking news: Brembo uses LED tech in new caliper

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Words: NZ Autocar
7 May 2021

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Brembo has pioneered a new motorcycle brake solution for the next generation, dubbed G Sessanta which means G Sixty. It uses LED technology on the body of the caliper and is customisable using wireless technology.

As to its actual reason for being? Style, in the main - caliper colour can change according to your whims - but it can also send information on the caliper and brake function to the instruments, warning of issues. And the system can help to locate the vehicle if you lose it in a car park or, er, a bike park.

But wait, there’s more. Because it is GPS connected, the Brembo G Sessanta can act as tracker for your motorcycle. There’s also the ability to lock the wheel in place, so the new caliper can act as a security device.

Lesser functions include the ability to monitor tyre pressure and to operate as flashers when the hazard warning lights are activated. The LEDs can also light up the wheel if you’re needing to do maintenance stuff in the dark.

And finally, brake performance could be modulated according to ride mode selected.

Brembo was founded in 1961 in Bergamo, Northern Italy (near Milan) and made its first motorcycle brake caliper 50 years ago. Its new caliper concept features solids and voids that give it a contemporary look.

In further braking news, Brembo recently announced it had paid 73m Euros for a 100 per cent stake in the Spanish company J.Juan that develops and produces motorcycle braking systems.

The Spanish company was established in 1965, is headquartered in Barcelona, and has three Spanish factories and another in China. Its core business is the production of brake hoses, which is a good fit for Brembo which makes brake hardware.

Prior to this, Brembo had also taken over SBS Friction, a subsidiary of Danish firm SBS group. It makes brake pads and pins, and clutch packs for motorcycles. SBS stands for Scandinavian Brake Services.

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