BMW’s biggest flat-twin tourer upgraded

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Words: NZ Autocar
20 Oct 2020

The R 1250 T is designed for relaxed distance travel and for 2021 the model adds a host of technical upgrades, including active cruise control, a bigger instrument cluster and the addition of dynamic TC and an Eco riding mode.

Powering the machine is the 1254cc Shiftcam (VVT+lift) flat twin, delivering precisely 100kW and 142Nm of torque while meeting Euro 5 emissions regs. The Shiftcam technology on the intake side delivers a broad spread of power while enhancing fuel use and emissions.

Pro Riding modes and engine drag torque control are new options for the R 1250 T. Integral ABS Pro is now standard fit, and this interlinked braking system integrates banking angle optimisation and dynamic brake force distribution for even better brake control under varied conditions.

For night riding, there’s a full LED headlamp that also offers swivel function, the dipped beam turning into the bend according to the banking angle.

Dynamic cruise control is now standard, maintaining a constant speed not only on the flat but also on downhill sections of road. Active cruise control using radar to maintain distance to the vehicle in front is an option.

New to the R 1250 RT is a 10.25 inch TFT colour screen with integrated sat nav and connectivity. The new colour screen makes it possible to display a navigation map in the instrument cluster, so no additional screen is needed.

Connectivity is standard and a smartphone can be securely sited in a watertight storage compartment. Its battery is kept fresh via a USB connection. If connected to the new Audio System 2.0, the sound replay is evidently an improvement on that of its predecessor.

Finally, the R 1250 RT sports a new fairing with improved aerodynamics. It fully encloses the new LED headlamps while the upper section is reduced in height for a wider field of vision.

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