BMW’s future scoot previewed

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Words: NZ Autocar
13 Nov 2020

With the reveal of BMW Motorrad’s latest pre-production prototype, the Definition CE 04 electric scooter, the company is “out to redefine the segment”.

Electric mobility, they say, is key to BMW’s sustainability strategy for the future, and is not new to BMW Motorrad; since 2014 the firm has been producing electric rides, beginning with the BMW C evolution scooter.

The new Definition CE 04 is the ‘logical continuation of the electromobility strategy for urban’ dwellers. Its provocative design introduces a bold urban aesthetic, using cues from the Motorrad Concept Link of 2017 and putting these into production readiness virtually unchanged.

The flat battery pack in the underfloor and the compact drivetrain permit ‘a highly distinctive design’ which is most unconventional and ‘will definitely stand out’. No details on the battery or motor are to hand as yet.

The design facilitates new storage solutions, e.g., a side opening gives quick and easy access to a helmet storage area. In addition, the low position of the flat battery provides a favourable centre of gravity, which should ensure playful handling. Two U-shaped LED front lights are also minimalist in design.

The urban target group mainly rides short distances of roughly 12km per day, says BMW Motorrad. Thus, a ‘floating’ seat bench was developed, allowing the rider to glide easily onto the vehicle, even from behind. It also offers improved ergonomics for single riders.

BMW sees great potential in the interaction between vehicle and rider equipment in terms of safety and comfort. The ride’s smartphone connects via the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04’s 10.25 inch display, the biggest in the scooter segment.

The designers have also developed clothing for the new scooter, the waterproof parka of which features an inductive charging field for the smartphone.

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