Aprilia RS 660 coming in 2020?

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Words: Nile Bijoux
28 Mar 2019

Last year, Aprilia showed off a tantalising concept dubbed RS 660, a fresh look at the middleweight supersports category. And despite the class showing about as much life as a pair of gumboots, Aprilia reckons it’s going to build it anyway.

The company showed it again at the recent Aprilia All-Stars day, where it also let European and American journos ride the spanking new RSV4 1100. Prior to that, it was seen testing on track in race and street trim.

All good signs for the bike heading to the production line then, cemented by recent company executive comments to French media. Apparently, the RS 660 will debut as a production model at the EICMA show in Milan in November.

As a refresher, it features a new parallel-twin engine platform that’s essentially the top half of an RSV4 motor. Expect more than 100hp on tap along with the APRC electronics suite.

Also debuting on the new model will be active aerodynamics, with more details on that coming further towards EICMA.

Price? No-one is sure. It seems Aprilia is building the bike with a certain price in mind. We’re just not sure if that’s closer to the likes of the new R6 or ZX-6R, or more premium offerings like Ducati’s 959.

According to the Internet, Aprilia will use the RS 660 as the basis for other models as well. More then later this year.

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