Wild new Land Rover Defender kit goes after the influencers

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Words: Matthew Hansen
16 Sep 2020

Isn’t it ironic that such a high proportion of today’s vehicles built with old-school motives in mind end up becoming mainstays for influencers and those wanting to ‘make a statement about themselves’.

I’m talking primarily about the Mercedes G-Wagen, which these days is just as much an icon because of its connection to the Kardashians and eight dozen rap songs as it is for its off-roading workhorse history.

For all its focus on being a star off-roader and referencing heritage, there’s also an expectation that the all-new Land Rover Defender is set to follow a similar path. And as such, it’s no surprise that tuning firms like Lumma Design are coming out with body-kits such as these.

Showcased in a range of eye-popping colours, Lumma Design’s new Defender kit emphasises all of the British SUV’s rugged features, while ironically becoming a probable nuisance if owners actually wanted to take their Defender to rugged places.

To be fair to the Lumma Design kit, it does involve a suspension lift of 30mm. Front and rear track is widened by 40mm, with the option of pairing it with 19-inch wheels and chunky all-terrain tyres or huge 23-inch wheels with low-profile tyres.

The increased track necessitates wider arches, which complement the much more aggressive face. A new hood attachment and an assortment of new vents are also included in the kit, and all of it can be optioned in exposed carbon fibre.

While there aren’t any pictures, Lumma also does a full leather interior swap should owners desire it. Things like branded floor mats and aluminium pedal sets are also on the table. And, if you’re after a bit more bite to match the visual bark, Lumma also stocks sports exhaust packages.

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