What’s a McLaren F1 worth these days?

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Words: Matthew Hansen
5 Mar 2021

Well evidently, quite a lot.

Prices of Holdens and Hondas might fluctuate north and south for various reasons, but something like a McLaren F1 is a different story. Prices for solid examples of the former fastest car in the world were once reliably rated at roughly $20million a pop.

Of late, though, prices appear to have gone even further north. Last year American auction aficionados Hagerty revised their values of McLaren F1s to $31million. The 2019 sale of New Zealand’s most sought after F1 — Andrew Bagnall’s LM-Spec ‘High Downforce’ example — for $30.6 million might’ve had an impact on prices, too.

Now, another McLaren F1 has emerged online for sale in the US. This red one is one of the handful of F1s that were originally sold in the US. There’s a slight layer of mystery to the model; with car enthusiast sales website Issimi stating that it has an interesting history and relatively high mileage, without actually naming the specifics for either.

The site also fails to mention the F1’s pricing, leaving us to our imaginations. The “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” adage probably applies here — although the supposed high mileage and slightly odd colour might not be in its pricing favour.

“This particular example has clear and well-documented history from new, being one of seven cars originally sold in the United States,” says Issimi.

“Obsessively serviced by a marque expert and extremely complete, this is a no-stories car that has covered enough mileage to be usable, making it the ideal example for a new owner seeking to pile on miles just as Gordon Murray intended.”

The timing of the F1’s sale fits nearly perfectly with the recent reveal of Gordon Murray’s T.50s Niki Lauda — the track-only edition of the former McLaren designer’s so-called F1 spiritual successor.

Both it and the standard GMA T.50 are tipped to follow the same trajectory of being swooped upon by collectors and speculators … regardless of Murray’s original intentions for these to be thrash machines.

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