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Friday 8 December 2017

Group B rallying was one of the best eras in motorsport history, and while most of us know the gist of what it was - total insanity - any opportunity to revisit it is welcome.

The fellas over at Donut Media have created a fantastic rundown of Group B, detailing the highs and lows of the mad period. From Audi’s extraordinary inline-five engine and its quattro all-wheel drive system to the fans with a death wish, this is all you need to know about Group B rallying.

Group B began in 1982 as essentially a no-holds-barred performance class for the World Rally Championship. Compared with Group A’s restrictions on power, weight, four mandatory doors and a minimum of 5000 production models, Group B entrants only needed 200 production units, two seats, the lowest weight and no power restrictions.

The category began in 1982 but only survived until 1987, after multiple deaths, including three spectators, and countless injuries. It’s embrace of sheer, unadulterated power cemented itself as one of the greatest times of racing ever. If you ever search “best rally moments” on YouTube, chances are the bulk of them will be from the Group B era.


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