Watch: New Fast 9 trailer is 3 minutes of vehicular chaos

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Words: Matthew Hansen
15 Apr 2021

It’s almost that time again ladies and gentleman; time for us to pop a Corona or two, coat our bodies with baby oil, and whisper “family” into the ears of our loved ones in the deepest voice possible.

Overnight a new trailer for the next chapter in the Fast & Furious franchise, Fast 9, was published online, offering more clues as to the upcoming complex and multi-layered storyli … hahaha. Sorry, couldn’t get through that sentence with a straight face.

The trailer kicks off seemingly in tribute to former star Paul Walker with somber tones, before introducing that John Cena’s character is not only Dominic Cornetto’s adversary this time around, but also as his brother.

What follows this is a sea of explosions, crashes, and traditional Furious fare. This includes the bizarre magnet that featured in the last Fast 9 trailer (including that rather amazing stunt scene with a Toyota 86 bursting through a store-front).

The highlight of it all? Surely that would be Dame Helen Mirren powersliding a Noble M600 with the help of Vin Diesel yanking on the handbrake, prompting a bunch of BMW 5 Series cop cars to crash into each other.

The trailer also confirms the franchise’s move into space travel (sigh), in the closing scene showing a Pontiac Fiero rocket car (wrapped with tin-foil and filled with rappers who think they’re actors) being launched into space. The foreshadowing early scene of Toretto’s little boy playing with a toy Dodge Charger and space shuttle is admittedly cute.

Directed by Justin Lin, a veteran in the franchise, Fast 9 was initially scheduled for release in 2020 only to be delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s now set to hit screens on June 25.


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