Watch: Hummer shows wild off-road ‘Crab Mode’

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Words: Matthew Hansen
15 Sep 2020

There are many questions still hanging regarding Hummer’s return to the off-road SUV and utility space. Which platforms will it share with other GM products? Will gravel-bashing faithful welcome its EV offerings? Which reality television show is going to strike a product placement deal with it first?

What we can answer today, albeit with an all-too-brief video, is what the brand’s mysterious ‘Crab Mode’ can do.

Hummer has been teasing the special off-road mode for a while now, touting it as a revolutionary invention in the off-road space. Most speculated that the tech would be some form of crawling system that would allow vehicles to motion sideways. And, as shown by the firm’s new video, that’s exactly what it does.

The video shows four-wheel steering, engineered to allow the off-roader to go sideways on gravel — a useful tool for getting out of tight spots or potentially avoiding being stuck in a rut. Wheels can steer in the same direction as each other and in opposing directions. 

In General Motors’ own words, “the supertruck’s industry-leading Crab Mode feature is enabled by the GMC Hummer EV’s four-wheel steering capability, allowing it to move in a diagonal direction”. It’s a feature “tailor-made for off-roading customers”.

The fully electric Hummer will be unveiled fully on October 21 our time, with orders to open online simultaneously. Production is set to kick off in 2021, with deliveries following in the first quarter of 2022.

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