Watch: 3 Toyota 86s destroyed in new Fast & Furious trailer

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Words: Matthew Hansen
9 Feb 2021

While most motoring adverts that featured in this year’s Super Bowl were all about electrification, nestled among them was the first trailer for the next film in the Fast & Furious franchise — Fast 9.

The trailer doesn’t detail much of the film’s plot, although history teaches us that this isn’t much of a loss at all. Han, who ‘died’ in Tokyo Drift, appears to be back as is his former on-screen ally Sean Boswell. The trailer also briefly features something loosely resembling NASCAR, John Cena, and Helen Mirren.

It also features one of the wildest looking car crash scenes in franchise history, one that looks CGI on first glance but actually reportedly took eight months of preparation, four days of production, and three Toyota 86s to complete. Watch the trailer below to peep the brief but spectacular sequence.

Director Justin Lin has published a behind-the-scenes clip showing just how they recorded the clip of the Toyota 86 being magnetised through a shop front and out the other side into the box truck. It involves numerous hydraulic actuators, tracks, and the very real sight of an 86 being hurled into a truck’s rear compartment — admittedly through a very fake canvas.

While the Fast & Furious franchise undoubtedly has its deniers in the car enthusiast world, one has to appreciate the amount of real-world stunts that take place. The scene in Furious 7 where cars parachuted down from planes to the ground actually did involve hurling cars out of planes (although the landings of each car weren’t as … smooth … as they were in the film).

The ninth movie in the franchise (not including Hobbs & Shaw) lands in theatres on May 28, after being delayed twice due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s been rumoured that the film will form part one of a two-part finale to the franchise, which has risen from being a one-time summer flick to become one of the biggest financial juggernauts in movie history.

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