Watch: 1470kW Lotus Evija monster hits the track

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Words: Matthew Hansen
23 Sep 2020

Lotus’ highly anticipated electric quad-engined hypercar, the Evija, has turned some of its first documented laps on a race track.

The iconic British sports car company has released a brief film detailing the Evija in its early stages. The car itself is coated in Formula 1–inspired ‘Gold Leaf’ camouflage, and you can see through things like the messy engine bay and the exposed bolts inside that there’s some ways to go in its development.

Still, as seen in the video, early signs are good for the powerful Lotus. Its 1470kW of power and 1700Nm of torque is good enough to guarantee a top speed well over 200mph (321km/h), with a range rated at 400km per charge as it stands.

But even with figures like those, Lotus has tried to make the Evija the kind of car you could drive every day. Lotus Director of Vehicle Attributes, Gavan Kershaw, says as much while wielding the electric supercar around the firm’s own Hethel test track.

“It’s conceptual brief was to make the car usable, everyday usable,” said Kershaw. “Lotus cars are very nimble, inspiring great confidence when being driven, and the Evija is no different to that.”

Kershaw goes on to detail the Evija’s numerous drive moves and how the amount of power and torque it produces changes between each. In it’s ‘Range’ mode for economical driving, power is zapped all the way down to a ‘humble’ 735kW, while in its peak Track mode power hits 1470kW.

There’s even a Drag Reduction System (DRS) feature available in this mode, should the driver want a little more ‘straight-line handling’.

The Evija had been slated to be delivered in the first quarter of 2021, but due to Covid-19 production complications that’s been shifted to the end of the second quarter.

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