VW ID hatch to look identical to concept

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Words: Nile Bijoux
23 May 2018

Volkswagen’s electric hatchback will closely resemble the EV concept that debuted back in 2016. The information comes from an interview with VW brand design boss, Klaus Bischoff, who spoke to Autocar UK.

“The proportions, the design cues and the wheel size are the same as the concept,” he said. “It looks like the show car.”

It won’t, however, be entirely the same, with things like regular side mirrors replacing the camera-based system and normal door handles will take the place of the electric system, primarily due to cost. However, if the powertrain remains the same, expect an electric motor at the rear axle generating 125kW. VW claims a range of between 400 and 600 kilometres, a vast improvement over the current e-Golf, which we tested and found to last roughly 275km in the real world.

Autocar UK says the first prototypes began public testing last month. Engineers have sixteen months to complete development, with the car scheduled to launch in 2020. The price hasn’t been revealed in full, but Diess said that it would be “comparable to a diesel model.”

The ID will be the first in an all-electric assault from the world’s largest automaker, as it seeks to clean up its image following the Dieselgate saga. VW has committed to launching 30 electric cars by 25, with at least five branded Volkswagen. They will likely include the production ID, a passenger van possibly reviving the Microbus name, a commercial van, a crossover, and a sedan.


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