Updated 2021 Nissan Navara to be revealed next week

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Words: Matthew Hansen
28 Oct 2020

Nissan’s updated Navara is set to be unveiled in full, globally, on November 5. The update is set to feature updated front and rear styling and improved tech, while still being based on existing architecture.

The announcement was shouted far and wide by various Nissan social media accounts earlier today, with the attached video featuring an additional teaser into the new ute’s looks.

Regular NZ Autocar readers have already seen a version of the updated Navara, via a series of spy shots shared earlier this month. The photos detailed a base double-cab variant, showcasing new headlights and fog lights, a revised bash plate panel, and a more aggressive ‘V-Motion’–style grille.

In the time since, spy images of other higher-spec Navara models have been posted online — including the suspected ST-X model featured at the top of this story.

As previously reported, the update is expected to be the platform’s last comprehensive change before it gets traded in for more advanced architecture.

It will complete an interesting tenure for the platform, which has battled with and mostly triumphed over complaints around its coil-sprung rear end, while also briefly being re-engineered as a Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

In 2019 the Navara was New Zealand’s fifth most popular ute behind the Holden Colorado, Triton, Hilux, and Ranger. It still holds that position according to 2020’s Motor Industry Association year-to-date figures, although it should surpass the Colorado before the end of the year as the last of Holden’s inventory dries up.



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