Two new Lotus sports cars to arrive by 2020

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Words: Nile Bijoux
9 May 2018

After the Geely acquisition, Lotus looks to be thriving. Work is going well on its upcoming sporty crossover but despite the entry into more attainable cars, the British maker hasn’t forgotten its roots. Two new sports cars will be produced by the end of the decade, supposedly.

Company boss Jean-Marc Gales told Autocar US the first will be a near-supercar model, above the Evora. It will “take the Evora a step further,” presumably being lighter and faster above anything else. The car will use a development of the current Lotus platform, which uses an extruded, bonded and riveted aluminum chassis with composite front and steel rear subframes.

Gales says the car should achieve class-leading characteristics thanks to “efficiency, aerodynamics, agility and braking working together in balance.” It’s all but confirmed the car will use Toyota power, as the Lotus head told Autocar Lotus will continue to rely on engines from the Japanese manufacturer in the immediate future.

The other model is a bit less detailed, apart from the fact that it will be a two-seater. Gales hinted at a luxury level slightly above the current Elise, because “the market is now moving a bit more upmarket.” It could plug the gap between the upper Elise and the base Exige.

The aforementioned crossover will use Volvo tech to help it along, which should make it both safe and luxurious in a way only the Swedes can do. It is due in 2022, with China being the main market.


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