Tuning firm unveils 450kW BMW M3 and M4 twins

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Words: Matthew Hansen
4 Mar 2021

It’s barely really hit the road anywhere in the world yet, but BMW’s new M3 and M4 twins are already being attacked by tuning companies around the world — such is the demand for immediate aftermarket options from demanding new owners.

In this case, it’s German tuning group Manhart who have revealed a new pair of big-grilled beasts. Each is punctuated by the brand’s signature black and gold colour scheme (JPS Group A BMWs, anyone?), and each packs a healthy boost in the power department.

The pairing are called the MH3 600 and MH4 600, with the number attached being a clue to its firepower. The twin-turbo 3.0-litre inline six that both models share has been squeezed to offer 67kW more than standard, pumping output out to 447kW — or 600hp.

Manhart doesn't offer much insight into where that power actually comes from, but a certain portion of it most likely comes from a tune to the ECU. Manhart boasts that those wanting even more power can opt for its ‘MHtronik Powerbox’; a plug-and-play unit that fits between the ECU and engine sensors. Fit it, and you’ll get 20 more horsepower and 750Nm of torque.

All of these ponies are guaranteed to sing with Manhart’s exhaust systems. Buyers can opt for either a cat-back or OPF-back system, with optional middle silencer pipes, and standard carbon-fibre tips.

As with its previous works, Manhart has also paid attention to the way the MH3 and MH4’s rubber meets the road. Each comes with H&R lowering springs. Whether these are tuned for performance or appearance is up for debate.

It’s brimming with bark, but you can’t ignore Manhart’s history for being more about stunning stance than track-day heroics. The aesthetics are complemented by concave 21-inch wheels (staggered front and rear). And, whether you like the grille or not, you’ve got to admit that it sort of works in this setting …

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