Trackside Garage is a petrolhead's dream home

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Words: Josh Revell
26 May 2020

Approximately 210 kilometres north of Minneapolis is a town called Brainerd. For motor racing enthusiasts, this name will ring a bell. That’s because it is the home of Brainerd International Raceway which includes an NHRA-sanctioned quarter-mile drag strip, two road courses, 200 acres of camping space, and a full-service bar and grille.

In addition to everything mentioned above, the facility now offers luxury garages which appear to cater to every petrolhead's desire. The entire first floor of these three-story houses is entirely dedicated to cars, including a garage and a showroom that can be decked out to the owner’s whim. It is also fitted with racing décor and a car turntable.

The second floor is where you’ll find the living quarters. It’s essentially a two-bedroom condo with a full kitchen, living room, laundry area, and a walk-out deck. The living room has a large window overlooking the garage, and the deck gives everyone front-row seats at the far end of Brainerd’s drag strip. The third floor meanwhile features a bar with a large observation deck where you can view the road courses.

Predictably, such facilities aren’t cheap, with prices ranging from $NZ1.5million to $NZ2million.

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