Toyota reveals RAV4 Prime at Los Angeles

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Words: Nile Bijoux
21 Nov 2019

Toyota has revealed its first plug-in RAV4 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the RAV4 Prime.

This new version of the RAV4 is simultaneously the most powerful version of the crossover and also its most fuel efficient. Power has risen to 225kW, allowing for a claimed 0-60mph (97km/h) time of 5.8sec. Somewhat strangely, that makes the RAV4 Prime the second fastest car in Toyota’s line-up to 60, behind the Supra.

EV range is rated at 63km and while fuel consumption hasn’t officially been confirmed yet, reports are suggesting a mean figure of around 2.8L/100km. Both front and rear electric motors are able to regenerate energy under braking.

Judging by the model revealed in LA, the styling of the Prime will be slightly different from that of the vanilla models, including altered wheels, a special grille and some new aero elements.

We’re waiting on local confirmation which might be a while away since the crossover doesn’t officially launch until 2021.

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