Toyota may have underrated the Supra’s power output

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Words: Nile Bijoux
22 May 2019

When the Supra debuted, more than a few loud keyboard warriors voiced displeasure at the internals of the sports car. Power came from a BMW straight-six, which is bad, apparently, and it was notably less than that of its Z4 sibling. However, the dyno reveals all and it looks like Toyota may have channelled the older Supra in more ways than previously thought.

Back in the 1990s, all the Japanese manufacturers agreed to not let their cars exceed 276 horsepower (205kW). However, in reality, cars like the Skyline GT-R and A80 Supra often made over 300 horses at the wheels in stock form, meaning the gentlemen’s agreement was more symbolic than anything.

That agreement has been resigned to the history books but Toyota’s claim of 335hp for the new Supra looks to be a little shy of the mark.

After the American launch, one of the media outlets over there took an A90 Supra to the dyno for quantification. They found that their Supra was actually making 339hp (252kW) at the wheels, as well as a tasty 578Nm. Cars make less power at the wheels than the claimed figure, which is taken from the crank, due to mechanical losses between the engine and the tyres.

The US journos also found the Supra to undersell itself on the 0-60mph (96km/h) metric as well, clocking in at 3.8 seconds despite Toyota claiming it’ll do it in 4.1 seconds.


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