Toyota hopes to outsmart Hilux thieves with new feature

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Words: Matthew Hansen
31 May 2021

New Zealand’s list of most-stolen cars is often dominated by second-hand imports like the Honda Torneo and Mazda Demio. But, with interest levels in big utes at an all-time high, it seems inevitable that utes will become top targets for thieves.

This is already somewhat the case in Australia, where the Hilux is one of the country’s most stolen vehicles; successfully stolen models often chopped down for parts and sent overseas.

And, Toyota Australia looks to be taking a stand. According to a confidential Toyota bulletin sent to dealers and leaked to Australian outlet CarAdvice, the Hilux is set to inherit a new weapon against thieves.

From August, Aussie Hilux models will include vehicle tracking technology. This will come with the ability to automatically beam out the car’s location when stolen, as well as the ability to automatically notify emergency services if the car has been involved in a heavy crash.

While Toyota Australia has yet to formally confirm the news, its uncovered bulletin says that the change will be on all new models from September or October onwards. It can be delineated by the new ‘shark fin’ on the roof, replacing the current short aerial. The Yaris Cross and Camry reportedly come with a similar system.

The bulletin also noted that some models are set to soon get dual-zone climate control as standard, as well as a 360-degree camera. Although, as with the tracking system, these details have yet to be formally, publicly confirmed by the marque.

NZ Autocar has contacted Toyota New Zealand to ask whether tracking systems will become standard on local models. We await their response and will update this story once we hear back from them.

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