This is it: Hummer returns with new 1000hp electric ute

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Words: Matthew Hansen
21 Oct 2020

After being shut down some 10 years ago, Hummer is back and ready — seemingly — to become a player in the EV segment with its new Hummer EV pick-up.

Brought back to life and developed by GMC, the Hummer EV throws down some fairly impressive numbers. For one, its tri-motor powertrain develops a claimed 1000hp (746kW) of power and 15,592Nm of torque. It’ll accelerate to 96km/h in three seconds, according to GMC.

The three motors are paired to an Ultium battery pack, which gives the Hummer EV a claimed range of over 560km per charge. A 350kW charging capacity means that it can take as little as 10 minutes of charging to give it 161km of range.

This is all wrapped in styling that’s both familiar to the manufacturer’s heritage while also being quintessentially modern — like an American equivalent to the Land Rover Defender. Everything, inside and out, is slab-sided and packed with right angles. The grille, looking very much like a callback to the chrome jobs fitted to the old H2 and H3, doubles as a handy light bar.

The new EV is clearly more about tech, though, than it is to worshipping Hummers of old. Along with the ‘Crab Walk’ functionality that we’ve reported on in the past (a four-wheel steering system that allows the Hummer to shimmy sideways in awkward off-road scenarios), the new off-roader also packs the latest iteration of Super Cruise.

Often touted as one of the best level two autonomous systems in the world, the system allows for 321,000km of hands-free driving across compatible motorways in America and Canada.

Other high-tech features include air suspension, capable of raising the Hummer by up to six inches if the going gets tough. Connecting all this tech to the gravel are a set of 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tyres — their heft helping guarantee a 610mm water wading depth. Those wanting more can even option 37-inch tyres if so desired.

You can’t forget the cabin either, of course. At its centre is an enormous protruding floating 13.4-inch touchscreen. This plays host to all the tech you’d expect in a vehicle like this, as well as Hummer’s UltraVision interface. This system makes use of 18 cameras positioned around the vehicle to effectively function as a virtual spotter for the driver whilst off-roading.

In its native US, the Hummer EV will first be offered in a high-spec trim called the Edition 1, priced from US$112,595. A cheaper variant still fitted with three motors (called the 3X) will come down the pipe later with a retail of US$99,995. Then in 2023 a cheaper still dual-engine variant will land for US$79,995, with a reduced range of just over 400km.

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