The new Porsche Cayenne Turbo is obscenely quick

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Words: Nile Bijoux
13 Sep 2017

Porsche have shown off the 2019 Cayenne Turbo and boy, it's got some serious legs.

Three point seven seconds to be exact. That's all it takes to go from zero to a hundred kilometres per hour. 

To be fair, that's with the Sport Chrono pack, without which the Cayenne Turbo will need a positively lethargic 3.9 seconds.

This means that the new Turbo is 0.1 seconds quicker than the outgoing Cayenne Turbo S, an already blisteringly quick SUV. Helping the new model is heapings of power - 404kW to be exact, which is 22kW more than last gen. Top speed is limited to 286kmh.

To further put that speed into perspective, here are a few cars the SUV is faster to 100kmh than:

- Lexus LC 500 (4.3s)

- BMW M2 (4.0s)

- Jaguar F-Type R (3.9s)

- Porsche 911 Carrera S PDK (3.7s)

- Aston Martin DB11 V12 (3.7s)

Porsche promise the new engine will be more responsive thanks to a new arrangement of exhaust turbochargers and shortened exhaust paths between combustion chambers and the turbos. This new layout has also allowed the engineers to mount the engine lower, which aids the driving dynamics due an overall lower centre of gravity.

The new Cayenne Turbo is the first vehicle in its segment to feature active aerodynamics too. An active roof spoiler can either “optimise efficiency, increase downforce on the rear axle and, in the airbrake position, shorten the braking distance from higher speeds.”

Porsche claim that, thanks to a new active chassis with three-chamber air suspension, the car combines the best of three worlds - “the precision of a sports car, the comfort of a saloon and the adaptability of an off-road vehicle." The SUV will get a set of mixed tyres with standard dimensions of 285/40 at the front and 315/35 at the rear.

New Zealand pricing and release date is yet to be announced.

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