Tesla to reveal pick-up in a fortnight

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Words: Nile Bijoux
8 Nov 2019

Tesla will reveal its new pick-up on November 21 in Los Angeles, coinciding with the LA Motor Show.

Aside from the Motor Show connection, Elon Musk didn’t pull the date out of thin air. Ridley Scott’s 1982 dystopic science fiction film Blade Runner is set in November 2019 and Musk has linked the upcoming Tesla ute to the film a few times before. Now he’s calling it Cybertruck and has some pretty big claims to go with it.

A while back, Musk said his pick-up “will be a better truck than an F-150 in terms of functionality, and be a better sports car than a standard [Porsche] 911.” Bold, especially considering he promised the truck will start at less than $US50,000, seat six people, have as much as 800km of range and be able to tow up to 136 tonnes.

He also said the Cybertruck will look quite polarising, tweeting that it “doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen bouncing around the Internet. It’s closer to an armoured personnel carrier from the future.”

Trucks are the sweetheart of the American automotive industry. The folk over there love them, with Ford’s F series the best selling vehicle in the country while RAM and Chevy pick-ups are second and third, respectively. The Tesla pick-up could be the company’s ticket to consistent profitability, if it can break into the tough market segment.

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